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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winner of Quote Contest Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest last week. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Cervantes' quote, "All in good time."

I guess the bottom line is: All in good time!
(This frustrating truth may be one reason why liquor stores have such great business despite the economy.)

The winner - drawn randomly from the entrants - is:
Sarah Butland!!!

Sarah wins a signed copy of my novel The Girl Next Door.

Congratulations, and please e-mail me (Ldymcbeth@aol.com) with your details, Sarah!

Stay tuned for a new contest next week, everyone!


  1. Oh, man! I wanted to win this. I was going to review it on my blog. I need some grist for my mill. Oh, well. Congrats to Sarah.

  2. There will be more chances :) Thanks for entering, friends.